Route 138, Descente #3, St-Anne-De-La-Pérade
+1 418 325-2804

Centre de Pêche Gaétan Portelance


Answers to frequently asked questions

  • At fishing center Gaétan Portelance:

  • - Fishing equipment is included.
  • - No fishing permit required
  • - No catch limit.

Fishing cabins are rustic buildings, traditionally made of wood. They are set up so ice fishing can be practiced in a warm indoor area with some conveniences but without sleeping accommodations. The cabin is equipped with a small table, a few chairs, a bench and electricity, with a wood stove available for cooking. The fishing equipment is built into the cabin’s structure, with a rod holding the lines, fishhooks and sinkers positioned over the hole..

Ice fishing is practiced inside the cabin, while sitting on a bench that runs the length of the cabin, facing a “hole” or opening in the wooden floor, which is superimposed over another hole cut into the ice. The hole is usually 30 centimeters wide and its length varies with the size of the cabin. It provides access to the water in the river, allowing you to fish with your equipment, while being sheltered from the cold and bad weather..

Our ice-fishing cabins in Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade are set next to each other along the river, creating a little “fishing village”. Vehicles can easily navigate the safe marked-out road on a thick layer of river ice, under which more than 900 million Tomcod come to spawn.

The tomcod is a groundfish and it travels in schools. The mouth of the Sainte-Anne River is influenced by the tides. To get the most out of your fishing, adjust the height of the lines according to the tides of the Sainte-Anne River.

  • - Place the bait in the path of the fish
  • - Keep the fishing lines half an inch (1.25 cm) above the riverbed.
  • - Frequently check the depth of the hooks and lines

Winter clothing is essential for those who wish to take part in activities on site or to practice winter activities outside the cabin

  • - Wear warm winter clothing/li>
  • - hat
  • - Mittens
  • - Boots with wool or thermal socks
  • - A dry change of socks
  • - A dry change of clothing for children

It is recommended that you wear several layers of clothing. This includes a t-shirt and cardigan or a pullover so you can remove the layers as needed. The woodstove can make temperatures inside the cabin vary by several degrees. It will be warm inside the cabin!
Note: Clothing made of natural fibres like leather, fur and suede may retain the smell of the fishing cabin for a while after. This scent comes from the water and indicates the presence of Tomcod in the river.